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For over 30+ years, Winnett Insurance has offered SR-22 insurance throughout Missouri and Kansas. Drivers who need SR-22 certifications can come to us for all the necessary filing services. Whatever coverage you need, we’re your source for professional solutions.

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What is an SR-22?

SR-22s are not insurance policies proper. They are forms that verify for your state’s DMV that you carry a certain amount of car insurance. Once you have that coverage, your insurer will file the form with the appropriate authorities (the Missouri Driver License Bureau or the Kansas Division of Vehicles), where it will attach to your driving record.

The certificate will remain attached to your policy for between two and three years. During this time, you must keep your car insurance policy active. If you don’t, the insurer must notify the state, which can revoke your license or otherwise penalize you for not carrying appropriate coverage.

Why would you need one?

Not all drivers have to carry SR-22s. They’re meant to act as penalties for breaking driving laws. Those who have to file for this form are usually those whom the state classifies as high-risk vehicle operators. They might include drivers who:

  • Drove uninsured or without the coverage limits required by the state
  • Get arrested for DUIs or DWIs
  • Were at-fault for serious wrecks
  • Receive multiple speeding tickets in short timeframes

These are serious violations that reflect that a driver is a danger to themselves and others. States use the SR-22 as an extra layer of protection to verify that these drivers have car insurance. The SR-22 therefore ensures that drivers can protect themselves with insurance if costly at-fault accidents occur.

What do I have to do to get covered?

To file for an SR-22, you must obtain car insurance that contains at least the minimum required policy limits set by Kansas or Missouri law. The insurer can then help you attach the form to your policy and file it with the state.

How much does an SR-22 cost?

Some insurers charge a nominal filing fee to submit the SR-22 form to the state. However, you usually don’t have to pay any costs to maintain the SR-22 except for the additional premiums.

Will an SR-22 increase my premium?

Unfortunately, an SR-22 filing often causes your car insurance premiums to go up. The SR-22 is a clear signal to insurers that you are a high-risk driver. They therefore might have to charge you more in order to assume the additional cost risk. Some insurers even refuse to insure SR-22 recipients, so if you get a penalty, you might have to buy a new policy upon filing for a certificate.

How long do you have to have SR-22 insurance?

Depending on the charge that triggered the SR-22, the length of your penalty might vary. Most policies last between two and three years, though certain requirements might be longer.

Keep in mind, if you ever let your insurance policy (and your SR-22) lapse, then the SR-22 penalty will likely have to start over for the beginning. So, even if you have kept the SR-22 active for 2 years and 364 days out of a 3-year penalty, then letting it lapse might still trigger an entirely new 3-year penalty.

Do I still need SR-22 if I don't own a car?

Even drivers who don’t own cars still drive, so they can receive SR-22 penalties. SR-22s can apply to vehicle owners and non-owners. You can also get an SR-22 for motorcycle insurance.

Here at Winnett Insurance, we want to make it possible for all drivers to get the appropriate SR-22 options affordably. We know that this penalty can seem like a hassle, and we strive to minimize the inconvenience to all recipients. Let us help you get the right policy and maintain it as long as necessary.

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